Option 5


                        -1 hour instructed activity from option 4 above

                        -Followed by option 3

2 ½ hours for £105.00 for up to 4 people, - extra person plus £26

Option 6


                        -1 hour instructed activity from option 4 above

                        -Followed by option 2

4 hours for £125.00 for up to 4 people, - extra person plus £31

The times for options 5 and 6 is on the hour from 9-00am till 3.00pm 


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2nd Hours activities.

Sling shots with paintballs is set up with targets in trees and on the ground, splat paintballs at the targets using catapults - a chance for the young ones to see what mum & dad did for fun when they were kids. You have 20 paintballs each.

Safe Woodland archery is set in a beautiful woodland area you you have the rest of your hour to get round as many targets as you can testing your skills and making sure you get a better score than the rest your family.

The targets are set out very much like a golf course.

The targets are smaller and set at different distances and sometimes in 'awkward' or unusual place, your first arrow that hits is worth 3 points, the second is worth 2 and the 3rd worth 3, as you will be given 3 arrows the maximum points per target is 6, the minimum is unfortunately 0

3rd Hours activities

This is the picnic and games area,a huge area of mown  grass where you can play games, have picnic or have food from our take away cafe and have it delivered to your table.

Bring a football, rugby ball, rounders or cricket set, bring a picnic, have food from our cafe take away delivered to your table - the choice really is up to you.

For more details on the cafe - including a menu please click the button.

Please remember to clean you picnic table after use using the cleaning pack supplied at each picnic area.

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Please note we do not allow open fires or disposable bbqs anywhere at the centre.