Please note - start times for all activities will have to be strict and adhered to as this is the way we will make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time.

Every booking will have to be booked in advance-

This is easily done by phone (07377 536494) or email ( ),

When you ring you will pick your date and arrival time, give the details of your group and pay for the event, you will then be given all information about how the day will work and a parking space number.

When you arrive- (all directions and meeting places will be clearly sign posted)

  • Make your way to your pre-designated parking space,

  • Leave your car taking extra cloths / snacks / drinks etc with you and make your way to the reception taking,

  • Sign in and meet your instructor (from a distance obviously).

  • At your designated time you will be taken to your first activity, for option 1 and 2 you will be given instruction on the activity by video sent to your phone / device, an instructor will be around keeping and eye on proceedings and offering any help if required. For option 3 you will stay with the instructor who will lead you through the first hours activity and set you off on the second.

  • 5 minutes before the end of the activity you will need to take your equipment to the cleaning bay at the exit to your activity - please do this straight away as trying to get 'a last couple of go's will muck everything up for everyone.

  • At the end of the activity it is time to move to your next activity following the instructions from your instructor or following the appropriate coloured rope / arrows for your option, your equipment will have been cleaned and will be waiting for you.

  • We ask each family so clear and clean their picnic table and if they have brought their own picnic to take the rubbish home with them, if they have had food from the BBQ cafe to put their rubbish in the box the food was brought to them in.

  • When you have finished your events you make your way back to your car and head home hopefully buzzing from a great time if not a little bushed.

This might all sound a bit regimental, we do need the times to work in order for our distancing to be as we want it but - as anyone who has been here before will know- we are a friendly bunch and love to have a laugh and interact, we will still be doing this but just from a bit further away.