All activities have been chosen for their popularity, ease of use and safety record.

Option 2,
Available from 1st April till the end of October

3 hours of fun for ages 4/5 yrs to adult all for £65-00 per family of up to 4,  -extra family / group members £16 each
Maximum participants = 15, Maximum group size (participants & spectators) = 30
The time slots for option 2 are on the hour from 9am till 4pm 

Activity 1

Grass sledging and dirt scooters-

Set in a stunning 3 acre field with gentle slope and long run out, these are great fun for young and old alike. 

The grass sledges can be used by one person from 2 years upwards but if a child of 5 or under wants to share with a sibling that's fine, for safety reasons we ask they don't get in a sledge with much bigger / older sibling or adult.

The dirt scooters can be used from most 3 - 4 year olds upwards, they are like big wheeled versions of the scooters most kids have at home but these will go anywhere.


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Activity 2

Set in a newly developed, beautiful sheltered area you have 3 activities to do at your leisure.

Safe target archery is for everyone, most 5 year olds + will be able to shoot unaided but younger children may need assistance but will love it. Once you have mastered the targets move onto the Safe archery golf  and Safe woodland archery, scaled down versions of our very popular activities, smaller targets set at different distances and sometimes in 'awkward' or unusual place, even get competitive and keep score with the supplied score cards.

Sling shots with paintballs is set up with targets in trees and on the ground, splat paintballs at the targets using catapults - a chance for the young ones to see what mum & dad did for fun when they were kids

Activity 3

This is the picnic and games area,a huge area of mown  grass where you can play games, have picnic or have food from our take away cafe and have it delivered to your table.

Bring a football, rugby ball, rounders or cricket set, bring a picnic, have food from our cafe take away delivered to your table - the choice really is up to you.

For more details on the cafe - including a menu please click the button.

Please remember to clean you picnic table after use using the cleaning pack supplied at each picnic area.

Please note we do not allow open fires or disposable bbqs anywhere at the centre.

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