All activities have been chosen for their popularity, ease of use and safety record.

Option 4

A choice of 6 first hour, fully instructed activities plus an hour of slingshots & safe woodland archery plus and hours picnic / games area for up to 4 household members from

10 yrs to adult - £80-00 per family .

(extra household members £20-00 each)

The times for option 4 is on the hour from 9-00am till 4.00pm 

1st hours activity

Choices 1 & 2

Either Air rifles & pistols or Target archery- Both activities are full instructed by a qualified instructor who will be behind a perspex sheet so perfectly visible and audible for safety and 'how to do' instructions.

Both activities are in a purpose built covered range with targets set at different distances, the shooting area has been modified so the instructor and the group are apart, all tables, equipment, ammunition and arrows are cleaned and disinfected between families.

Air Rifles & pistols is a fully instructed course using good quality scoped rifles at static and knock down targets at 10m & 20m

Archery is using top quality bows, arrows and arm guards at 10m & 20m targets.

Rifles & pistols minimum age is 10, maximum group size is 6

Archery minimum age is 8 maximum group size is 10

Choice 3, 

Low ropes & woodland challenges, our lows ropes obstacle course is a maximum of 15" off the ground but can you get from one side to the other without putting your feet on the floor?

The woodland games & challenges are just that, fun and challenging mini activities set in the woods.

Low ropes & challenges minimum age is 8, maximum group size is 12

Choice 4,

Go Kart building & racing, remember building wooden buggies as kids (am I showing my age now), build a couple of karts from the scrap heap and race against each other but bare in mind there may be a couple of obstacles in your way.

Go Kart building & racing is minimum age 10, minimum group size of 6 and  maximum group size 12

Choice 5 (out of season from November till March)

Bumper Balls are a hilarious and quite physical activity, you 'wear' a 4 ft inflatable ball, bounce into each other and knock each other over, play bubble football, British bulldogs, do the hamster roll race.

Bumper balls are a minimum age of 7/8 (it is more a size and physical ability thing than an age thing), maximum group size is 12

Choice 6,

Tag archery is archery's version of paintballing, just as exciting but without the mess and pain.

With games and arena's set up in the woods and open game areas you are supplied with bows, arrows and protective kit and let loose to shoot at each other.

Tag archery is a minimum age of 10 , a minimum of 8 players & maximum of 20, as this breaks the 'rule of 6' guidelines in effect at the moment this activity will not be available until the guidelines change.



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2nd hour's activity 

Safe Woodland archery & Slingshot paintballs

Set in a beautiful woodland area you you have up to 12 targets to test your skills and get a better score than your family with

You have an hour here to follow the course which is set out very much like a golf course.

The targets are smaller and set at different distances and sometimes in 'awkward' or unusual place, your first arrow that hits is worth 3 points, the second is worth 2 and the 3rd worth 3, as you will be given 3 arrows the maximum points per target is 6, the minimum is unfortunately 0

 Sling shots with paintballs is set up with targets in trees and on the ground, even the boss's car is in there to shoot at, splat paintballs at the targets using catapults - a chance for the young ones to see what mum & dad did for fun when they were kids

Activity 3

This is the picnic and games area,  1 acre of mown  grass where you can play games, have picnic or have food from our take away cafe and have it delivered to your table.

Bring a football, rugby ball, rounders or cricket set, bring a picnic, have food from our cafe take away delivered to your table - the choice really is up to you.

For more details on the cafe - including a menu please click the button.

Please remember to clean you picnic table after use using the cleaning pack supplied at each picnic area.

Please note we do not allow open fires or disposable bbqs anywhere at the centre.

Extra activities.


You can add any of the 1 hour instructed activities from option 4 to options 1, 2 or 3 for an extra £60.00 per family of 4, £15.00 per extra person in addition to the cost of the option, i.e if a family of 4 wanted to book Rifles & pistols (£60) as a 1 hour activity plus option 3 (£45) the total cost would be £105

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