Coronavirus Safeguards,

cleaning and safety

As far as we can tell we have listened to, researched and implemented all the guidelines and advice from the government and health England. We are completely confident we far surpass all the guidelines.
We feel the safeguards we have had in place over the last 12 months do not in any way detract or spoil the enjoyment of any of our activities or facilities - if anything they enhance them - so we will be keeping them in place
If you go shopping, go to a park, go for a walk,or even just stay in your back garden  you are much more likely to be nearer to or meet other people than you are here at Another World Adventure Centre. We have 37 acres to disappear into. So far we have only had positive feedback from all our families - check some of the comments on the Facebook posts.
Our safeguards include-
At the centre in general-
All families here will be​ at different parts of the centre and a minimum of 50 metres from each other.
Each option is in its own area and all work as a one way system.
The cabin will be closed to the public at all times
All activities, paths, directions etc will be clearly marked by signs and rope barriers.​

Activity equipment and picnic tables
We will be using 2 sets of activity equipment on each activity on each option which will mean we can clean and disinfect each set thoroughly between families.
Cleaning boxes are available in each activity area should you wish to clean targets etc.
We ask each group to clear and clean their picnic tables using the cleaning pack supplied at each picnic area.
Disinfectant, disposable gloves and hand sanitizer will be available in each area.
Activity instruction.
Each activity will have its own instruction which will be explained by your instructor or where applicable - video links will be sent with your booking confirmation pack. All of the activities are easy to pick up and the safety instructions are minimal and mainly common sense. An instructor will always be around so any issues or problems can be addressed.
First aid.
All our instructors are first aiders, our activities have been selected partly because so far (touch wood) out of the thousands of people who have had a go at these activities we have never had an injury. Should a first aid incident occur that requires first aid we will wear the required ppe. First aid kits are in each area with the extra cleaning equipment should you need to use one BUT PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU DO. 
We have 2 toilets which will be cleaned every hour, there will also be disposable disinfectant cloths and gloves at the entrance to the loo's. We encourage families to use the one loo as a family and during their second activity if possible.